Spotted Seatrout

Spotted Seatrout

Cynoscion nebulosus

Life History:

Description and Diagnostic Characteristics: Dark gray or green on top and lightening to silvery on the sides and bottom, numerous black spots along back and tail. Has prominent canine teeth at the front of the mouth on the tip of the upper jaw.

Size:Can be 40 inches. Commonly around 6 pounds but can get up or over 10.

Age at Maturity: Matures within the first or second year.

Range:From New Jersey to the Florida Keys, straggling up to Long Island Sound.

Habitat:Hangs around grassy or shell-strewn flats, in marshy areas and estuaries. Can also be found in rivers and along beaches. They seek deeper water during cold weather.

Angling Information:

Bait and Tackle: Spinning and baitcasting tackle work well as well as fly. Any kind of cut fish or squid will work for bait as well as live or dead shrimp, or small fish. Plastic lures and jigs will also be taken

Food Value:Very good

State Regulation:

Daily Limit: 15

Minimum size: 14" TL

Federal Regulation:

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